Compostable Postage Bags

Here at Sixth Street Vintage, we are passionate about doing our part to help the environment, heck, that was one of the large driving factors between Sixth Street Vintage starting. 

We want to play our part, which is why we ship out all our items in compostable postage bags. These are both home and commercial compost friendly.

To help reduce waste, why not use our courier bags a second time! Simply turn them inside out and you have a courier bag again. Alternatively there are some other great ways you can use them below.

  • Weed matting
  • Seedling bags
  • Food waste bag 

Once its a bit worse for wear you can then either compost them at home or through a commercial composter. 


The Good Stuff

Want to learn more about our compostable bags? You can check out all the good stuff about them here: